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Hot Buffet 

All Hot Buffets Include:

Garden Salad and Rolls & Dessert of The Day!


Beverages: Juce$ 2.95 

Coffee $1.99 w/condiments

Bottled water$2.

Teas $1.75 

and more...

Cheese Tray: $ 3.99

Fruit Tray: $ 2.99

Guacamole & Chips: $4.95pp

Veggie Tray: $3.99- 

 Petite Sandwiches: 3.99

Munchies Time Snacks:

 Party Mix, Trail Mix, 

Mixed Nuts-$2.95

EC's Trio Dippers: Artichoke 2/Hummus w/Pita Breads $ 3.99

Hot Buffet Bars
*All Hot Buffet Bars Include:

Salad, Bread & Dessert of The Day! 

Chicken Marsala

Sautéed Chicken Breasts with Mushrooms and Marsala Sauce Served with buttered noodles or Rice…$10.99pp


Lasagna Flair

Meat or Vegetable Lasagna w/ Marinara Sauce & Garlic Bread…$14.99pp


Chicken Parmesan

Chicken Breasts oven Baked  with Bow Tie Pasta, Marinara, Parmesan Garlic Cheese Bread.…..$10.99pp


Indian Curry Chicken

Chicken Breast Sautéed w/ Tomatoes, Onions, & Ginger Garlic

w/ Fresh Spinach.  Served with fluffy Rice………$10.99pp


Mongolian Chicken

Chicken Breast Sautéed with Ginger Garlic, Onions, Peppers,  Sauce Served with white Rice.. $10.99pp


Spicy Beef

 Flank steak Marinated with Southwestern Spices; Grilled and Sautéed w/ Southwestern Veggies.  Served with  Rice……$15.95pp


Caribbean Chicken

Chicken Breast Marinated w/ Caribbean Spices and Grilled with Black BeanLs and Rice….$10.99pp


Teriyaki Chicken

White Chicken Breast Marinated and Grilled with Teriyaki Sauce Served with Rice  ……$10.99pp


Lemon Herb Chicken

White Chicken Breast Marinated in Lemon & Herbs  Baked Served with Rice…$10.99pp


Grilled Tai Salmon

Salmon Marinated with Tai Spices and Light Coconut Milk Grilled Topped with Mango Salsa  


 Served with Rice………$16.50pp


Grilled Tai Salmon

Salmon Marinated with Tai Spices and Light Coconut Milk Grilled Topped with Mango Salsa  


 Served with Rice………$16.50pp


Louisiana Jambalaya

Cajun Dirty Rice, Spicy Chicken & Andouille Sausage, Sautéed Bell-peppers......$10.99pp


Jamaican Jerk Chicken

Open Fire Roasted Breast of Chicken, Black Bean & Rice,Tropical Garden Salad w/ Jicama/Mandarin Oranges...$10.99pp


The Aztec Fajita Bar

Chicken and Steak, Onions Peppers, Rice & Beans,w/Salsa,Cheese 

 w/ Tortillas Chips..$13.99pp


Italy's Pasta & Salad Bar

Includes Hearty Marinara Sauce, Meatballs & Italian Chicken

  w/ Penne & Bow Tie Pasta w/ Parmesan , Garlic Bread…$11.99pp


Idaho's w/ Fixings

Sour Cream, Cheese, Butter, Chives, Bacon

w/ Homemade Turkey & Vegetarian Chili…..$9.99pp


The Chicken 3-Ways Bar

Florentine (Spinach), Cordon Bleu (Ham & Swiss), Parmesan

 Served with Rice Pilaf….$11.95pp


The South West Taco Bar

(choice of two meats)

Turkey/Chicken/Ground Beef Steak-add$2 / Veggies/ Vegan 

w/ Soft & Crispy Shells, Cheese Cabbage, Sour Cream,side of Beans, Mex-Rice, w/ T-Chips,  ...$11.95pp

Food Tray

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