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Hors D'oeuvres

Hors Doeuvres $1.25/ea
• Roasted pepper and pesto sauce crostini
• Crab stuffed mushroom
• Boursin stuffed mushroom
• Deviled eggs
• Currant and pinenut meatballs
• Swedish meatballs
• Italian meatballs
• Tomato, mozzarella, & basil skewer
• Asian chicken wings
• Baby grilled cheese on sourdough
• Buffalo style chicken wings
• Trio fruit skewers
• Potstickers with Ponzu: vegetarian,pork
• Southwestern empanadas with ancho sour cream
• Assorted bouchees:salmon &cream cheese,chicken & apple, roas pepper & pesto
• Mexican egg roll with roasted chili salsa
• Andouille sausage and bell pepper skewersrs
Hors D'oeuvres $1.50/ea
• Wild Mushroom won-tons with Asian mustard
• Goat cheese won-ton with cranberry glaze
• Asparagus wrapped with prosciutto and smoked provolone
• Indonesian beef tenderloin satay
• Tandori chicken satay with a yogurt mint sauce
• Vietnamese spring rolls with nuoc mam
• Smoked trout quesadilla with a tomato chive salsa
• Blue corn and crab fritters with Plum sauce
• Puff pastry shells: chicken Chive salad w/ pistachios & cranberries, salmon mousse
• Poached pear on a skewer with a Maytag bleu cheese sauce
• Spicy chicken quesadilla with Pico de Gallo
• Roasted vegetable and potato samosas with roasted corn sauce
• Baby artichoke heart with tomato concassé, roasted garlic, and basil mayonnaise
• Goat cheese crostini with sweet basil, sun-dried tomato and extra virgin olive oil
• Coconut chicken satay with teriyaki plum dipping sauce
• Thai chicken and bell pepper skewer
• Artichoke, fresh mozzarella & basil skewer
• Fried plantain chip: with jerk chicken salad or cajun crab salad
• Chicken pinwheel sun-dried tomato tortilla, pesto cream cheese, black olive spinach
• New potato with chevre and herbs
• Barbecue shrimp on Cajun sweet potato flapjack
• Wild mushroom strudel with goat cheese, accompanied by a cranberry citron glaze
• Black-bean and chicken & pepper jack flautas with a salsa fresco

• Phillo tartlets (choices) Baked brie with walnuts and brown sugar or asparagus and St. Andre or
Goat cheese with sun-dried tomato and scallion or Spicy Italian sausage and provolone
• Cucumber boat with southwestern gazpacho
• Corn cake with southwest black beans and queso blanco
• Yucatan taco with chipotle chicken and napa cabbage, or blackened shrimp
• Oxacan style Chile relleño with avocado dip
• Polenta pancake with spiced cinnamon apples
• Spanakopita triangles
• Bacon wrapped Dijon chicken skewers
• Mini round pizza our grilled marguerite pizza with tomatoes, fontina cheese & fresh basil
•Spiral of mozzarella with sun-dried tomato & fresh basil served on a toasted baguette croustade
• Breaded Eggplant Roulade - breaded eggplant stuffed with goat cheese, roasted red bell pepper
• St. Louis toasted Ravioli - Sprinkled with parmesan and warm marinara dipping sauce

Hors Doeuvres $1.95/ea
• Bacon wrapped shrimp with chipotle b.b.q.
• Prosciutto wrapped shrimp with basil
• Blackened rare ahi tuna on a gaufrette potato with wasabi mayo
• Crab cocktail with lemon citron cocktail sauce
• Smoked duck and wild mushroom strudel with sundried cherry chutney
• Jumbo shrimp, Asian sausage, & water chestnut wonton spicy sweet & sour sauce
• Crawfish tartlet topped with melted gruyere
• Lemon-caper skewered shrimp
• Cajun shrimp skewers
• Grilled chicken with brie and apple chutney on French bread
• Miniature buffalo burger caramelized red onions & melted white cheddar-sesame bun
• Blini with smoked salmon cream cheese, and dill
• Jumbo shrimp cocktail
• Tenderloin carpaccio with boursin and capers
• California rolls with wasabi, ginger and soy
• Spicy tuna rolls with wasabi, ginger and soy
• Oysters on the half shell
• Authentic southern ham biscuits with honey mustard
• Toasted Mini BLT sandwiches
• Sautéed scallop with sun dried tomato puree on a Parmesan crisp
• Coconut shrimp with mango coulis
• Smoked trout quesadillas with chive and tomato salsa
• Sweet potato pancake with smoked salmon
• Dungeness blue crab cakes with Paul Prudhomme tartar sauce
• Tex-Mex tenderloin crostini
• Shrimp ceviche in a tortilla cup
• New potato with caviar and cream
• Savory cheesecake in the following flavors:
• Smoked salmon
• Crab and wild mushroom
• Goat cheese and scallion
• Tiger prawns with chimichurri sauce
• Applewood bacon wrapped stuffed with figs and almonds
Pancetta wrapped fig stuffed with gorgonzola
Cocktail Sandwiches $2.95/each
Choose from the variety of options below. Served on freshly baked dollar rolls
• Caribbean pork with Jamaican barbecue sauce
• Salmon salad with lemon, dill and roma tomato
• Turkey, cucumber, sprouts, and brie
• Flank steak with roasted onions and honey dijon mayonnaise

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