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Catering Service

Corporate Menus

Elegant Catering Designs LLC has designed a comprehensive listing of our Hors
D’oeuvres, Chef stations, Platters, Soups, Salads, Entrees, Side dishes, and Desserts. This collection of unique menu selections represents a wide variety of ethnic and regional fare. In addition to events and special occasions, Elegant Catering has become one of Denver’s premier Corporate/Special Events/Wedding caterers.
Every year we help more than 250 couples focus on the moment of matrimony, not on the details and worries of wedding coordination. With a custom designed menu that will impress your family and friends, Elegant Catering Designs will deliver success for what is important in feeding your guest.
Elegant Catering’s event designers are available to coordinate the many details associated with developing our client’s important occasions. Our services include menu design, floral arrangements, bar services, staffing requirements, theme and décor consultations and any entertainment needs.

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Event Confirmation Details

Bar Coordination: Elegant Catering Designs can plan and arrange for
the delivery of liquor and mixers for any occasion. All liquor and mixers
arranged for by Elegant Catering Designs will be the sole financial
responsibility of our client. The client will be billed directly from the
liquor purveyor based on consumption and on non-returnable items.
This service is provided at the sole discretion of our clients. Clients may
provide their own liquor.

Event Confirmation: Upon receipt of your order Elegant Catering
Designs will confirm your selections email /via fax. Please review the
confirmation thoroughly. If the order is correct, please sign it and fax it back to (303) 367-0344
Or email us at:
If any changes or corrections, please call (303) 367-0344.

Staffed Events: All staffed events are to be paid in full and the
guest count finalized (3-5) business days prior to the event. The
final guest count may be increased but not decreased up to three
(3) days prior to the event and the client will be billed for the
additional guests over the day of event (net 1-3 days).
Minimum Orders: We are happy to accommodate orders of any size
with the exception of menu selections that require a minimum $300.00
and up. In addition, we require a minimum for orders with delivery on
Sundays. Please call for details.

Special Requests: We are happy to accommodate any special
requests. Please speak with one of our events coordinators/Directors for
details and options. please call (303) 367-0344.

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